Travelers, meet
your new best friend
and safety guide.

Learn how GeoSure's sophisticated
analytics engine & community
can help you stay safe.
Amazing tool for every traveler.

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Powered by analytics
& global community
live updates.

Combines hundreds of evaluated sources
including the CDC, WHO, UN,
State Department, Interpol, and more.

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The first customized,
crowd-sourced personal
safety app for travelers.

Our GeoSure Safety Score makes it
fast and easy to know if you’re in hot water
or if its okay to just chill.

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Foresight can be 20-20.
Identify safety risks
with Geosure.

We analyze safety risks for you
down to the street level in thousands
of the most visited international cities.

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Real-time reports
of the latest events
around the world.

Know when to walk or when to take a cab.
When to leave at dusk or stay for a
glass of wine. GeoSure keeps you safer.

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What’s YOUR GeoSure Safety Score?

Take the Adventure. Leave the Risk. We analyze the most accurate, up-to-date crime and safety-related statistics—PLUS shared intelligence from our global community—and give you a location-specific security score, our exclusive GeoSure Safety Scores.

Technology has already made the world much smaller, now we’re making it much safer

How it Works

Smart Data Driven + Real-Time Ground Truths


GeoSure’s mission of making every street in the world as safe as possible starts by capturing and distilling vast amounts of data sources including Interpol, and other crime-fighting agencies, UN, WHO, CDC, country, city crime stats, human rights orgs, private & proprietary data feeds & hundreds more.Then we validate all that data plus crowdsourced reports and integrate smart data driven, statistical algorithms to yield granular city ratings we call GeoSure Safety Ratings.


Global Safety Ratings

GeoSure Safety Ratings: the most granular, trusted safety ratings in the world. GeoSure rates nearly every city in the world with a population of over 100,000 and will soon rate every neighborhood of every city (currently over 4000 cities and neighborhoods and growing) covering six critical safety categories: overall security; physical harm; theft; basic freedoms; disease and specific threats to women’s safety. We believe no one has ever provided this level of detailed urban safety ratings before.



GeoSure Safety Ratings

Cool and Safe
Warm and Rocky
Hot and Unstable

All that data: on street crime, health risks, political instability, cyber security, even environmental hazards, is synthesized into a location-specific GeoSure Safety Score.

This reflects your personal safety in a specific place. We generate GeoSure Safety Ratings in two ways:


Travelers, meet your new best friend and surest guide: GeoSure.

    • Predictive Analytics

      A predictive analytical engine combines updated stats from the United Nations, CDC, WHO, State Department, Interpol, local authorities, and many others. Political threats, cyber security, health risks, special threats to women—even environmental hazards—are taken into account
  • Global Community Updates

    From people like you—the global GeoSure community, who are continually feeding us information from eye level; neighborhood-by-neighborhood, street by street.
With GeoSure, knowledge is more than power. It’s security and safety. Once aware of conditions, you can either avoid the location or—while there—reduce your vulnerability.
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Submit Reports

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Find Your Location


Report favorable or unfavorable events and share your experiences to help others from any location around the world.


“Political Rally in Cairo”

“Pickpocket in Hyde Park”

“Have felt safe and secure in Nairobi”

“Watch your belongings closely at Stazione di Napoli Centrale”

“Human Rights Violation in Delhi”

“Steady, stable and lovely today at the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul”


Check your GeoSure Safety Ratings anywhere in the world and see how it changes.

Know when to walk or when to take a cab. When to leave at dusk or stay for a glass of wine.

Be sure with GeoSure.

GeoSure is committed to Empowering Women with a data-rich, Dedicated Women’s Safety Category


“All I can say is “what in the world of travel took so long?” This simple yet behind-the-scenes brilliant app is a new essential”

“One of the best travel apps I have seen in a long time”

“Absolutely must have for a frequent traveler”

“Phenomenal idea”

“Very intuitive ratings with detailed warnings a tap away”

“Love how you can personalize your assessments by just answering a few non-invasive questions”

Why GeoSure


GeoSure lets travelers leave the risk and take the adventure, identifying safety risks down to the street level in thousands of the most visited international cities.


Real-time reports from our global community and live information sources keep you posted about the latest events and environmental conditions around the world.


This kind of data has never been available to individuals before. Even celebrities and the super-wealthy didn’t have the rapid, street smarts GeoSure provides, until now.


Share your experiences, good and bad, so the travelers who follow know better.

Foresight can be 20-20

We don’t need to tell you that many parts of the world can be treacherous. Things change fast. Even in countries considered safe, there are cities and neighborhoods that aren’t. Minimize risk as much as technology and state-of-the-art statistical analysis will allow.

Trusted Data Sources

We look at information from hundreds of sources: CDC, WHO, United Nations, Interpol, the U.S. State Department and more. Collecting, analyzing and evaluating risk factors. Then we boil all the info down into a simple number: Threat Temperature.

Wherever You Travel

The world can change so quickly. And there’s no better teacher than experience. We also use information from you, the GeoSure community. Share your knowledge, good and bad, so the travelers that follow know better.

Our Goal

At GeoSure, our mission is to make traveling safer through the application of advanced statistical analysis and crowd-sourced global monitoring techniques.

  • Simple and fast
  • Numerical and accurate
  • Personalized to user
  • Reporting reward points
  • Supports women travelers
  • Fun
  • Free

“In a world of trending instability, GeoSure helps to make the world safer through increased awareness. GeoSure encourages travel to all destinations to support tourism economies, especially those where tourism plays an important role or where localized events, such as security or health issues can impact entire regions and even countries. GeoSure’s powerful integration of technology and community reflects what’s really happening on the ground, street level, anywhere in the world, real-time.”

CEO, Michael Becker

Reasons to Use

  • New York
  • Seoul
  • Paris
  • St. Petersburg
  • Johannesburg
  • Los Angeles
  • Athens
  • Morocco
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Edinburgh
  • Miami
  • Sao Paulo
  • Beijing
  • Dubai
  • Buenos Aires
  • Reykjavik
  • New Delhi
  • Jaipur
  • Lima
  • Caracas
  • Lagos
  • Guangzhou
  • Kinshasa
  • Dhaka
  • Tehran
  • Hyderabad
  • Singapore
  • Cape Town
  • New Orleans
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